About The Planner

Hi everyone,

I am a teacher myself and have been struggling for years to find a admin system that works for me. I have tried many different ways of keeping track of things but almost always get bored or lose interest. I have been using the TEACHER PLANNER for many years now and cannot get enough of it! There are just so many ways of using it to suite your own needs. And the best of all is that you can personalize your planner by decorating it with washi tape, sticky-notes and stickers, if you choose to!

What can I expect in my planner?
School/teacher information, Calendar, The year at a glance (holidays), Birthdays, Extramural Activities, Professional development, My school expenses, Learner information, Parent communication, Parent meetings, Field trips, Special events, Inspiration ideas and more, Check lists, Important websites, Important email addresses, 12x Monthly colouring dividers, 12x Forget me not (to do list),
12x Monthly planning, Lesson planning (5 weeks per month), Daily planning, Meetings, Notes, Plastic paper protector pocket, Thick laminated front and back cover, Wired binding.

Customizations will only be done for 10 planners or more. There are currently four versions available to choose from.
1) Teacher planner – English
2) Teacher planner – Afrikaans
3) Teacher binder – English
4) Teacher binder – Afrikaans
5) Teacher Pouches
6) Decorative stickers to customize your planner

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Planners can be bought in our online shop paying securely through PayFast. We also  make use of courier services.

There are various cover options to choose from. The planner is an A4 size book and consists of more than 200 pages!

How does the ordering system work?
All orders will be placed once a week. Orders take on average 2-3 weeks before they are ready to be sent to you. You can place your order on here under the menu option: Shop.

How does delivery or collection work?
There are two options; Delivery via a Courier service or you can collect in Faerie Glen.


The courier company (The Courier Guy) will deliver directly to you, so please ensure that you put the correct postal address on your order. You will be informed when your planner is ready to be sent. And you will receive a tracking number.
Please see courier prices:
+ R80 postage (Local deliveries, Pretoria)
+ R115 postage (Main cities)
+ R165 postage (Cities and towns further away from main cities)
If you are unsure of the price that you should pay for the courier, feel free to do your own quotation from http://thecourierguy.co.za/

Simply enter Faerie Glen, Pretoria for my location and your own address where you want your planner to be delivered.Self-collection:
I am based in Faerie Glen, Pretoria East. If you would like to arrange to pick-up your planner from me, you are welcome to do so. If a friend or family member collects the planner on your behalf please send me their name and number as well. Please note that you do not have to add the courier fees if you are picking your planner up from me yourself.

School orders:
For any large school orders (10 books or more) the cover pages can be customized with your school logo and teacher’s names. This will make a great gift for any teacher at the end of the year! School calendars cannot be added into the planners. I am working on it for a later stage, but don’t have the ability to do that yet. There is a plastic pocket included in the planner where you can place important documentation that you may need on a regular basis.

Payments can be done via our Safe and Secure online payment portal, PayFast.

It can be done via card or EFT.
If you have any queries please feel free to ask.